Business Automation

Why Business Automation?

Customer Satisfaction

What makes for a great customer experience? It is the cumulative result of every task that your company performs on a daily basis. Automating some of these can go a long way toward customer loyalty. For example: a personalized email message, sent out 24 hours after product delivery. Just a thank you note that includes any contact information they might need going forward, and maybe a survey link…

Mr. Smith, Thanks again for your vehicle purchase!.. Did you know that we also provide Parts and Service?

Cost Savings

Imagine you are a company that sells parts. Lots of parts. Some of your customers call you every week with the same stock order. Someone has to answer that phone call, take the order, and enter it.

Have you considered the efficiencies of a web-based ordering system? Not something to rival, but enough to automate that certain percentage of your orders, replacing what would only be an order-taker, and getting your Parts department back where they should be, prospecting for new business!

This type of project can pay for itself very quickly.

Continuous Improvement

Businesses that are going to survive in the 21st century need to continually improve themselves. Business automation makes it possible to capture some pretty amazing information, in real time. This is called business analytics.

How long are deliveries taking, anyway? How many times is a customer issue resolved on the first call?

Do you know these details about your business? Are employees spending hours every week updating spreadsheets, or do you have reports that pull from the data that’s already in your system?

We can increase your bottom line.

Efficiency means cost-savings. This is money directly back in your pocket. Many of these projects pay for themselves in just a few months… But they have to be done right. If you were to take a look at every department in your company, you would probably find a lot of manual processes, and a lot of duplicated effort that goes on every day. Your organization is not unique in this, it is something that every company struggles with.


The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

– Bill Gates


Kenosis Coders can help. Many times it is simply the act of looking at something that can get people asking the right questions. The answers to these questions, implemented effectively, can give your company the competitive advantage you’ve been searching for.

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