Data Services

Data Services

Customer data is the fuel that powers Salesforce. You can have the fastest and most full-featured software system in the world and it will not provide you with a single benefit – if you don’t feed it good data. “Garbage-in, Garbage-out”  is a common saying when it comes to describing the importance of maintaining your company database. But without a degree in Data Science, how do you know if you are following best practices?

And… What do you do when you already have Garbage-in?!

Data Loads & ETL (Extract-Transform-Load)

There are times when you will need to import data into Salesforce. The most obvious is when you are just starting out, or adding a new Salesforce feature like Service Cloud or Pardot. You likely have customer information floating around in multiple spreadsheets and/or other software systems. Getting that data into Salesforce can seem like quite a challenge, and it’s important to take all factors into consideration.

Kenosis Coders can get your data into Salesforce. We can show you how to use the Salesforce Data Loader for imports of less than 50K records. For larger jobs, or where data conversions are required prior to import, we utilize a tool called Talend Open Studio.

We can also schedule these data load jobs to run on a regular basis, even integrating multiple import resources, and run it from a cloud platform like Heroku.

Data Analysis & Cleanup

If you have been running Salesforce for a while, you may notice that there is some work required in keeping your data clean. If you are converting leads, you may see duplicate Accounts start to show up. If you are merging a lot of accounts, you may start to see duplicate Contacts. Bad data can show up in many ways. After a while, you may notice a loss in productivity, or a larger margin of error in your reports.

Kenosis Coders uses a specialized toolset to analyze your Salesforce environment. We can give you recommendations on, 1) steps to get your data quality back to a point you are comfortable with, and 2) best practices for keeping your data clean – including subjects like Account and Contact Management, Record Types, Validation Rules, and Field Types.

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