Why Kenosis Coders

Why Kenosis Coders?

Our name pretty much sums it up.


Kenosis, from the Greek word for emptiness κένωσις (kénōsis) is the self-emptying of one’s will. It represents the ultimate act of service; of putting the needs of another before your own. We are an organization that exists to serve first, and then be served. Like much of life’s true wisdom this might seem backward, but it just works.


At our core, we are makers. We are creators of digital ecosystems that improve peoples’ quality of life. We do this because we love doing it; our work is a reflection of who we are.


Kenosis Coders helps businesses leverage Salesforce creatively. We provide expertise in the latest internet technologies, methodologies, and tools, so that our clients can employ Salesforce in the way that best supports their business.

We are not afraid of ‘hard’. We do not shy away from projects where others have failed to achieve the desired outcome. We keep our commitments and provide excellent value for the investment that our clients make in us.


Kenosis Coders uses the latest and the most advanced technologies to bring the best that Salesforce has to offer. We are professional software developers who specialize in Salesforce CRM. We work in this technology on a daily basis and are continually learning and improving to keep pace with our industry.

Our competitive advantage is our combined expertise in the Salesforce technology stack, built on a broad foundation of business experience. Many of our engineers have previous backgrounds in areas like system administration, operations, marketing, and sales.


Our Core Values are Attentive, Diligent, Innovative, Respectful, Curious, Adaptable, and God-honoring.

These things define who we are as a company. Combined, they form a picture of what it looks like to do business with us. Our attentiveness, diligence, and innovation are what turns your projects into success stories, every time. Our respectful attitude, curiosity, and adaptability make the entire process enjoyable from start to finish.

You will like doing business with us.

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